About Us

Our company Art Global Mission Ltd (AGM Ltd) based in New Zealand (Auckland), established in 2000 by Olga Miró, experienced independent curator.




 ...Dear Art Friends! We create a new virtual art gallery to help You to create Your own things for nourishing Your soul and brain. We hope, that it helps those who want to find the truth about Art and those who are seeking pure art as well.

Everybody knows that there are fitness clubs for training your body but probably nobody knows that an art gallery trains your inner self…  We invite You to create your own inner world and Your own art gallery with Us.

As Global curators we create an incubator for new ideas and performances. We would like to share our new body and "Global White Cube" for everyone who wants to bring creative things to us and join our global gallery. That is why our doors are always open for artists, art critics, digital professional, donors and other curators to create a new circle and art community in the Future. Our main statement-idea is "human-to object-personal-interaction".

St-Petersburg Global Art Gallery is a website with Russian Heritage. That is why you can find a wide range of Russian Avant-garde of the late 20th century, Russian contemporary art and Russian icons as well.

Buying our products our professional art experts guarantee you can be sure that you will have high quality and original art works. Enjoy our art gallery! We will satisfy all distinguished art tastes and art preferences.

Particularly we would like to dedicate our virtual art gallery to my mother. Special thanks to our colleagues from St–Petersburg "DI-DI gallery" for their support and their assistance. Thanks a lot to everyone who has helped to make this happened.

Olga Miró  -  Independent Curator