Conditions of use

1.      Definitions

By using our web site, or by purchasing anything from us, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions

If you are under 18 years of age you may not purchase goods from us

"Carrier" refers to anybody contracted by our artists or ourselves to deliver goods from us to you

"Our Website" is all of the computing hardware and software that makes up our site

"Goods" refers to anything we are selling on our website

"Content" refers to any information on our site, published by us, or anybody else with our consent

2.      The contract between us and you the purchaser

Goods advertised may sometimes be unavailable

Your order will be accepted by confirmation email. The email will also confirm details of your order, and despatch date. This is when our contract with you is made. Prices may increase from those posted on our site

Terms may change. The terms that apply to you are those here on our site on the day you place your order

All descriptions of the goods are given by the artist, and may not be accurate. Therefore any such description does not form part of this agreement

If any of the goods you order are unavailable you will be offered alternatives prior to us despatching your order. In this event you can:  Accept the alternatives  Cancel the order  Tell us to just omit the item which is out of stock

If you are owed money by us for this or any other reason, your debit or credit card will be credited as soon as practicable, but no later than 30 days from the order date

Your contract is with us, not the artist, and you may not communicate under any circumstances with our artists in regard to sales, commissions, refunds or returns

3.      Your information

You must supply us with accurate and up to date information about yourself, to enable us to deliver your goods

We will try to respond to any dissatisfaction you have, as long as you contact us within three months of your purchase

4.      Price and Payment

The full price of your order must be paid before we can despatch any part of it charges will be borne by us. You will be responsible for any charges relating to a payment made in a currency other than pounds sterling

Any details we give regarding exchange rates are only approximate and may vary

5.      Delivery

The carrier will deliver to the address given in your order. Someone must be there to accept the delivery

If we are unable to make delivery within 30 days of your order date, you will be notified by email to arrange another delivery date

The goods may be delivered in instalments if not all the goods are available at the same time

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